Thinking Cap Educational Services provides individualized, research based academic support to students who are struggling with suspected or diagnosed learning and attention differences such as dyslexia, ADHD, and auditory processing deficits.

Anyone can offer homework help or “tutoring,” but it takes learning specialists with extensive training and experience to offer true remediation services such as those offered by Thinking Cap Educational Services – Chelsea Wessel Sloan

Thinking Cap Educational Services

Educational Therapists

  • Serve children with learning/attention differences
  • Create customized, goal driven learning plans to guide each session
  • Highly trained professionals skilled in identifying and remediating learning differences*




  • Serve any child struggling with academics
  • Give homework help based on the goals of the classroom teacher
  • Are generally concerned classroom teachers or college students who may have some understanding of learning differences


*Thinking Cap’s learning specialists are Professional members of The Association of Educational Therapists.  Professional membership requires a B.A. degree, a Masters degree in an education related
field, completion of at least 1500 supervised direct service hours, and completion of 40 clock hours of Continuing Education every two years.