Welcome to Thinking Cap Educational Services

“We go beyond tutors and tutoring.”

We provide customized, research based educational therapy and academic support to students who are struggling with suspected or diagnosed learning and attention differences such as dyslexia, ADHD, and auditory processing deficits.  All our services are available in Bozeman and across Gallatin County.  Both families and schools can benefit from our services.  We also offer psycho-educational assessment as a part of remediation planning or as a stand alone service. 

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“What’s the difference between a Thinking Cap Learning
Specialist/Educational Therapist and a tutor?”

That’s the biggest questions we get here at Thinking Cap. We developed this little cartoon to help you understand how we go beyond tutors and tutoring.

Thinking Cap Educational Services

Educational Therapist/Learning Specialist

  • Serves children with learning/attention differences including dyslexia and ADHD
  • Creates customized, goal driven learning plans to guide each session
  • Highly trained professionals skilled in identifying and remediating learning and attention differences




  • Serves any child struggling with academics
  • Gives homework help based on the goals of the classroom teacher
  • Is generally a concerned classroom teacher or college student who may have some understanding of learning differences


postquoteAbout eight years ago you tutored my daughter. She was in high school at the time and was struggling with learning differences. You made a big difference in her life. She's now graduated from college suma cum laude, did Teach for America for three years and now is in graduate school at UPenn majoring in Public Policy with an emphasis in educational policy. Thank you for being instrumental in setting her along the right path, and helping her realize her potential.postquoter

Former client parent M. Mann